Justice Martin E. Ritholtz is the focus of this edition’s Attorney Spotlight.

Shiboleth is very pleased to welcome Justice Ritholtz as Special Counsel for the firm’s Litigation Group. Justice Ritholtz has had an impressive career, initially a judge of the Civil Court of the City of New York, he retired two months ago from 16 years of service as a Justice of the Supreme Court of Queens County.

During his tenure, he presided over the compliance part, where he supervised discovery over all the civil cases filed in the Queens County Supreme Court. He also conducted jury trials and non-jury trials. Before he retired, he also served as a Commercial Division Justice, dealing with complex litigation matters, and rendered many learned, published decisions.

Justice Ritholtz also possesses a strong background in Patent Law. Thus, while he was a law student at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, he clerked in the Israeli Patent Office, and later on with patent specialist Amnon Goldenberg of S.Horowitz & Co in Tel Aviv. Moreover, what distinguishes him from his peers is his religious background. In 1970, he was ordained a Rabbi after studying in Israel. His rabbinical education has contributed to him becoming a fairer and wiser judge.

Justice Ritholtz is a member of both the New York State Bar and Israeli Bar. Joining the firm, Justice Ritholtz said, “As a retired Supreme Court Justice, who, inter alia presided over commercial matters, it is a privilege to join the Litigation Team as Special Counsel in a firm with branches in both New York and Tel Aviv. True to its reputation, Shiboleth affords its impressive array of corporate clients with a high standard of excellence, professionalism and sophisticated representation.”

Amnon Shiboleth, founding partner of the firm, said Ritholtz “comes with a lot of credibility and is in a unique position to eventually practice in both Israel and New York.”

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